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"When Dark Lords Won't Attack" [06 Sep 2009|10:45pm]

Title: When Dark Lords Won't Attack
Author: kitchensink13 (LexandriaJade)
Word count: 144
Characters/pairings: Lucius, Dark Lord, Draco
Challenge: Spying, formalfoy100 + Action/Reaction for [info]slytherin100 .
Authors Notes: I had difficultly trimming down to 100 words for this one (fell in love with crack!Lucius), so the full version can be found over here at [info]hp100uncut . x-posted to [info]malfoy100 , [info]slytherin100 and my fanfiction/fic rec blog.

When Dark Lords Won't AttackCollapse )
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High [14 Jun 2008|06:28am]

This is the uncut drabble of the one I just posted for the high challenge.

The moment the wood was in his hand he was in the air. The feel of the broomstick between his legs as he closed his eyes and looked up as the sun began to kiss his face was indescribable.

It was the perfect time to fly; the sky was clear and most of the students were still inside since it was early.

His time in the air were the best times that he had. The moments to himself, to clear his head, to plan what he could do with the rest of his life without being overwhelmed ... though today his mind was heavy with thoughts of Quidditch.

Hovering in front of the rings, Cormac looked out at the pitch and took a deep breath. His only hope for the time being was that Potter would allow him to play the last game of the year, his last game at Hogwarts, and that they would win.
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Wizard's Debt [24 Aug 2007|03:17am]

Hi, sorry if this isn't how this works, but this honestly was meant to be a drabble at some point and just stretched on a bit, and I want to x-post it somewhere.

Characters: Harry, Draco, Lucius, Narcissa (H/D only if you're a slasher, probably, heh.)
Challenge: Not strictly written for one, but perusing the hp100 list, I'd definitely have to say "Demand a Rewrite," that's the most recent and seems appropriate to my attitude ;)
Words: 231
Notes: DH-compliant, meaning spoilers. Picks up from the very very very end but before the epilogue.

I enjoy LJ cuts.Collapse )

Thanks! Let me know if this is outside of the rules somehow, as well...ngh.
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The Lightest of Touches [16 Sep 2006|12:04am]

[ mood | happy ]

Just a little drabble about Harry and ....

It started with the soft glide across his skin. The lightest of touches. So smooth it could have been the whisper of silk, so soft it would have been the finest cotton, so tempting as the finest chocolate. This most gentle of touches was followed by the brush of a nose up his inner thigh, tickling and hauntingly familiar all the same. Harry felt himself stiffen.

Shifting uneasily on the bed, Harry spread his legs and was rewarded with the flash of gold settling comfortably on his groin, the warmth and heat soothing, yet arousing. The soft press of a body on his, settling down as if he owned him. The soft hum of desire, a tongue licking his stomach, trailing lower, lower. This was good, very, very good.

Now, Harry could see why Hermione loved Crookshanks.

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Hidden/Hidden Memories/Funny As Hell [29 Jun 2006|08:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Title: Hidden

House: Slytherin 
Words: 121

Rating: pg
Characters: Longbottoms and Death Eaters
Challenge: Born to be Bad 

AN: All this has probably been done but *shrug* review anyway. Cheers.


Alice saw the Death Eaters arrive and hid her boy under the bed.

“Where is it Frank?” Bella’s voice entered the room before she did. She sounded pissed off.

“Where’s what?” Frank returned, smiling at Alice, she felt cold.

“The horcrux Frank. I know you have it. Where’s the damn cup?”

“I see you’ve brought backup.” Several men entered the room.

“Give it over Frank.” Bella bit out.

“I was just teasing, it’s in th-” Frank screamed, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he fell into the fetal position. Useless he twitched on the floor.

Bella raised her eyes, “Never thought you had it in you Alice.”

“What can I say? I was born to be bad.”


Title: Hidden Memories

House: Slytherin 
Words: 105

Rating: pg
Characters: Neville

Challenge: Born to be Bad 

Warnings: sadistic perhaps…

AN: A sequel to ‘Hidden’


Neville had watched his mother torture his father from out of sight. His father had screamed.

He had watched Bella torture his mother from the same spot. His mother had bled.

Later he’d watched his ‘friends’ run out the door after paralyzing him.

He’d seen hexes thrown around as if they were nothing at school at the ministry.

He had worked very hard on perfecting his own.

Later Neville watched the green light from his wand from behind a mask.

When the war was over no one could recall which of the Death Eaters had killed Hermione.

After all, Neville had a really bad memory.


Title: Funny As Hell

House: Slytherin 
Words: 109

Rating: pg
Characters: Fred & George

Challenge: Born to be Bad 

Warnings: sadistic perhaps…


Their twin souls were cold. Like elves.

Not house elves but true elves, that thought no more of housework than they did of death. That thought fun was defined by how long it amused them, not by what broke along the way.

Sure they were on the side of the light, it had more benefits just now. Plus it was funny how only Granger thought their methods were, if she had been blunt, cruel.

McGoonagal might have mentioned it but underneath her fair-minded logic she was as callous as they were. If not quite so amused.

So she said nothing when she learned of the manner of Bellatrix’s death.
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Dance of Darkness [28 Jun 2006|10:13pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Dance of Darkness
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 165
Challenge: Born To Be Bad
Character(s): Hermione, Harry/Draco
A/N: I'm surprised no ones done this.

When Hermione went looking for Harry she'd never expected it would turn out like this.
He’d been pressed against the wall, trapped by Draco; a sight so familiar that she instinctively reached for her wand preparing to protect him as she always had when Draco did something she didn't expect.
Leaning forward he kissed Harry letting his mouth trail down that tanned neck, his hand sliding down Harry’s arm revealing black from beneath green sweater.
Hermione gasped, then covered her mouth in horror as Harry slowly turned to look at her a Malfoy-esce smirk gracing his lips.
Shocked she could only watch as they brought their hand together a single wand between them, their pose a twisted parody of the tango, as one they whispered two words that not heard looked too much like “I love you”.
She thought to run, but before she could green light swallowed her whole, ripping life from her body.
In the distance before death she swears she could hear laughing.

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Blue Monday- Full Version [21 Feb 2006|03:29pm]

Challenge: #146, Songfics
Characters: Death Eater, reference to Dark Lord
Notes: Okay, so I got carried away while writing drabbles today. I consider it a good sign that I was being so productive with my writing. Song credits to Orgy, 'Blue Monday'. I believe it was Blue Oyster Cult that did it first...?

Blue MondayCollapse )
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Dammit, Janet - Full Version [21 Feb 2006|03:20pm]

Challenge: #146, Songfics
Characters: Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin
Notes: I... got a little carried away with this idea and couldn't fit it all in the drabble, so here's the longer version. Enjoy! (Clearly the song is from Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Dammit, JanetCollapse )
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Never Enough [08 Feb 2006|10:02pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Title: Never Enough
Author: xranax
Pairings/Characters: Peter Pettigrew, Lord Voldemort, Potters are mentioned/implied
Rating: G
Word Count: 200
Summary: Peter could die for his friends.

Never EnoughCollapse )

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[01 Jan 2006|08:37pm]

Title: Muggle Transportation (draco100)
Word count: 150
Characters: Draco, mention of Lucius
Rating: G
Challenge: Lullaby
Note: I dont think its the best ive done, but i felt like an update ^.^ please comment!

The carriage shook violently whilst rounding a bend. Draco fought desperately to keep his composure. Dishevelled and Distraught, he hung on to his seat.
'Muggle Trains..' He said, annoyanced.
He was travelling to meet father at the Ministry. Draco, himself, had no idea why his father reduced him to muggle transportation. Everything was just so.. filthy.
Further to his Agitation, he was seated next to a young mother, trying desperately to subdue her screaming infant. Cooing the child with lullabies, rattling toys. Draco mused she was just trying to make as much noise as possible.
Four flying teddybears, plus three rattles, having bruised him, impatience crept through his persona.
'Do you MIND?!' he screamed faintly, travel sickness and exasperation seeping through him.
And with the train screeching to a hault at the station, Draco left the carriage. Delighted with the stunned faces he left behind.
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Hush Little Baby [28 Dec 2005|03:27pm]

Challenge: #35, Lullaby (for draco100)
Word Count: 170

Lucius smiled as he leaned over his son's cradle.
"Hush little baby, don't say a word. Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird." He crooned gently, petting the soft scalp. It was Draco's favorite lullaby.
The years flew and Draco grew older, went to school, went to war. Lucius, still in Azkaban, sat in the corner, rocking.
"And if that horse and cart fall down, you'll still be the sweetest little baby in town."
Draco found him, long hair matted and dirty.
"Father. We've won. Azkaban and the Ministry are ours."
"Draco." His voice cracked.
Lucius kept to Draco's old room, clutching royal blue baby blankets and tattered dolls.
Several months later, two seperate armies gathered. Spells flew, green, blue, white, but the only color Lucius noticed was red. Red, red, red smeared on creamy pale. Draco fell, hands grasping at the air. Lucius dropped beside him, gathered him in his arms. As Draco's silver eyes slowly closed, Lucius sang.
"Hush little baby don't you cry, Papa's gonna sing you a lullaby."

(Let me know your thoughts, 'cos I don't think it's any good at all.)
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[11 Nov 2005|02:02am]

Subject Line: Something Like Flying
Word count: 141
Challenge: Swing
Characters/Pairings: gen, age-8-ish Harry with mentions of the Dursleys.

There was an old, unused swing-set in the backyard.

It was another of Dudley’s cast-off toys. He had begged and whined for a swing-set for ages, and when he had finally gotten one, he spent about a minute on it, then left it, discarded, in the backyard.

It had taken the workmen an hour just to set it up, not that Dudley cared.

Harry stared out at it, longingly. He had always wanted to go on the swings. He imagined it to be something like flying, which he frequently wished for but knew to be impossible.

When he finally got a chance to try out the beautiful old swing-set, he was locked up for his efforts.

He never got to play on the swings again. But he had been right: it was as close to flying as he'd probably ever get.
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The Last Visitor [28 Jul 2005|09:24pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Title: The Last Visitor

House: Ravenclaw

Word Count: 100.

Rating: PG

Characters/Pairings: See under the cut

Author's Notes: Major HBP Spoilers

Spoilers! Avast!Collapse )

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[27 Jul 2005|10:56pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

Challenge: Omens, Portents, and Visions

Word Count: 142

Spoilers Ahoy!Collapse )

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Can't take this grief anymore.... [25 Jul 2005|05:39pm]

Title: Can't take this grief anymore...
Word Count: 175
Characters/Pairings: Sybbl Trelawney Harry Potter and Voldemort
Author's Notes: My first ever. ^^;; Can you tell I am a beginner? XD

Miss. Trelawney looked into Harry's bowl of tea leaves everyday, and over and over she saw the grim. Yet, Harry seems to live every single year. Why am I always wrong? Why do I even have this job? If Divination isn't my thing then what is? Am I worthless she thought to herself nightly, with a bottle of gin.

Then one day Sybil was playing with her crystal ball, feeling worthless like always, and saw something so real so true that she refused to believe that it isn't real....

A boy with jet black hair pleading to a snake like figure to....kill him. To end his suffering.

This was the most surreal experience in he world, almost... prophecy worth. An experience she vaguely remembers happening once before...

The glass ball magically disappeared, and is currently hidden in the ministry of magic with the other prophecies.
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Seedlings in the Heart (HBP Spoilers) [19 Jul 2005|03:29pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Challenge: Changes
Characters/Pairings: Draco, Harry/Draco
Word Count: 215
A/N: HBP Spoilers if you squint and know the book

Seedlings in the Heart (HBP Spoilers)Collapse )

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Birthday Boy / Not Important [01 Jun 2005|12:26am]

[ mood | blah ]

Title: Birthday Boy
Words: 190
House: Hufflepuff
Challenge: Birthdays
Character: Dudley
”BirthdayCollapse )

Title: Not Important
Words: 146
House: Hufflepuff
Challenge: Birthdays
Characters: Aunt Petunia, Harry, Vernon and Dudley (mentioned)

“NotCollapse )

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Harry's Coming to Gondolin [26 May 2005|04:43pm]

Challenge: 108 - Crossovers
Characters/Pairings: Harry, Voronwe
Word Count: 217

Harry's Coming to GondolinCollapse )
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Dangerous Creatures [25 May 2005|11:22am]

Title: Dangerous Creatures
Word Count: 702 (woops)
Characters: Remus, Kurt and Logan
Challenge: Crossovers
House: Ravenclaw
AN: The crossover is with X-Men. I wrote this and just kept writing and writing after about the first 400 words I realized I wasn't going to make this work. I posted the first part on hp100
Read more...Collapse )
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DLLAnon [23 May 2005|12:06pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Title: DLLAnon
House: Ravenclaw
Characters: Voldemort, Ursula, Hexxus(is that how you spell it?), Darth Vader, Cruella Deville and Jumba with a mention of Dumbledore.
Crossover: The Little mermaid, Ferngully, Lilo & Stich, A series of Unforturate Events and Star Wars... I think that's it.

I can’t believe Dumbledore is making me do this!
I obviously don’t belong here.
I mean look at these people!
There are thirteen people in the circle, and each one is stranger then the last.
There’s a lady in a kiddie pool who looks like her mother had an affair with the giant squid.
Next to her is a tall creepy man with an unibrow playing with matches.
A man in billowing robes sits beside him sounding like he desperately needs an oxygen tank.
Another women in a long fur coat keeps going around the circle asking about puppies while next to her a being of skeletal smoke sings about toxic love.
A big purple man with four eyes loudly clears his throat.
“Ok, we will now be beginning the meeting. Who will be liking to go first? Tom?
Relucenly I stand.
“Hello, my name is Vol-“
“No aliases.”
Ooh, if only looks could kill.
“Hello, my name is Tom and I am a villain.”
“Hello, Tom!”
Kill me now.

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