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hp100uncut's Journal

The Harry Potter One Hundred -- Uncut
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This is a sister community of hp100. Don't you hate it when you write a drabble that is just so good, but happens to be a teensy bit over the limit? You have to cut out words, and the story suffers for it. Now you have the option to post your uncut, unedited, pristinely perfect drabble here.

There will be no challenge posts here, just the uncut drabbles. You can post your uncut drabble outside of the timeframe given in the main community.

For the sake of conformity, please post with the following template:

Subject Line: Your Title

Challenge: The number and name of the challenge you're posting for.
Characters/Pairings: Not mandatory.

The body of the drabble goes here.

If you have any questions or comments, direct them to the moderator alongtheway at hp100@lj.com.